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Paperless Office Solutions

Paperless office solutions vary from quite simple to very complex depending upon the business requirements. In order to truly achieve the paperless office, business managers must take time to consider the processes that are involved around paper documents. In some cases, the paperless system needs to mimic the flow of the paper system. In other cases, the paperless system may allow the business processes to change for added efficiency.

Red Eagle Consulting works with clients to understand the business processes and help them identify technology that will allow them to achieve their goals around the paperless model that is right for them.

Benefits of a Paperless Office

Added Efficiency in Paper Handling Paperless office solutions allow businesses to reduce the amount of paper handling. By eliminating the process of filing paper files, employees save themselves the efforts around filing and finding files. In addition, electronic documents are easily shared without the need for taking the time to make and distribute copies, saving time and money.

Document Security Sensitive documents are easily secured with access granted to only those users who have the appropriate credentials.

Document Protection Because electronic documents can be covered in the regular data backup, paperless office solutions provide a backup for disaster recovery that rarely exists with paper.

Robust Search Capability Paperless office solutions provide multiple ways to find documents, unlike paper files.

Web Access Web access to paperless office solutions allows secure access to your documents from the web.

Document Sharing Paperless office solutions allow multiple people to see a file at the same time. This eliminates the need for multiple copies.

Automated Workflow Automated workflow can be added to paperless office solutions to notify personnel when a document requires attention.

Change Control Paperless office solutions can be used to track document revisions, so that the latest version of a document is always readily accessible.